About Us

We offer you all our passionate and professional dedication

About Our Sport Agency

Our agency is founded ten years ago and based upon decades-long careers of several sports experts. Sports lovers, few coaches, sports agents and marketing experts gathered around the common idea of founding young sports talents and helping them make their way through various leagues and grab some exclusive sport career opportunities. We use all our skills, knowledge and knowing all sports realm to assist between talented and successful individuals and powerful teams and coaches. The main goal is to provide marketing, media, legal and financial management to talented sportsmen, so they can focus only on what they do best – practicing, playing and scoring high results. We, also, take part in organizing various sports events, competitions, and gatherings. Our marketing and media experts maintain a dynamic and vivid website, providing all sorts of useful information coming from the world of sport, useful equally to professional sportsmen, as well as to the average visitors interested in sports.

Our Team

  • Martin Austin

    Main Sports Manager And Agent

    The oldest and the most experienced one in the crew. He contributes with his broad knowledge and rich career experience to help young players negotiate their contracts, represent themselves in a proper manner to potential new clubs and find the best opportunity for their future career.

  • Norma Jackson

    Norma Jackson

    Sports Manager And Agent

    A female force in our team working for over a decade. She owns a long list of successful transfers and well-known names in the world of sport that emerged in her office. Aside from managing contracts and career plan, Norma offers PR services to boost players’ media presentation.

  • Tim Kostenszky


    Tim provides legal and law services in our agency. He makes sure every single signed document is precisely according to the law. He also takes care of all the paperwork following every contract, taking this burden off the back of the layers. No legal issue is an unsolvable challenge to him.

    Tim Kostenszky